D.I.M. (Did It Myself!) Styling Series: Box Braid Lover

Greetings, Blossoms! I want to share my latest protective style with you all! I have always been a fan of box braids of all sizes, lengths and colors! Around this time of year I always get the urge to treat myself to some nice braids. This season I chose medium-sized braids due to inspiration from my dear cousin!

I’m also going to explain to you in the process how you can still go out in public and still look presentable without having to wear a scarf or hat. I forgot to take pics of that part, you guys. I’m sorry! Can you ever forgive me! 😦

So let’s get started! Although, doing my own box braids can be time-consuming and a little tiring, I know my hair is in well-trained and caring hands, I take pride in my work and it is cost-effective!

I used my favorite type of kanekalon hair! The kind manufactured in Africa! I’ve purchased hair so far made in Senegal and Nigeria! I prefer this brand because of the quality of the hair. It has a: nice stretch, the texture is easy to work with, provides a beautiful finished look, does not bead when burned, and does not tangle. I highly recommend this hair to consumers and braiders.


I first was able to find and purchase this hair with no problem when I was living in Savannah, GA. However, I now reside in Atlanta, GA and how amazing is it that I could no longer find this hair! I had a little bit left to carry around as a sample but none of the beauty supply stores seemed to even know what I was talking about! I ended up ordering it online. I didn’t get the exact brand I purchased before though. At first, I thought the X-pressions brand was exclusive to Outré but others seem to carry it as well. I am still doing my research on it.

The braiding process took small sessions across the span of 4 days in all to complete. I have put strain on my hands over the years from binge braiding so I have learned a process that lets me take my time and makes it so much easier on my hands!

Day 1 and 2, I spent about 3 hours each day completing the front and sides. At the end of day 1 I have enough braids to pull back and feign a bun if. The nape is exposed but with crafty pinning it can be well masked!

Left: Day 1, Right: Day 2
Left: Day 1, Right: Day 2

Day 3  spent 3 hours completing the back

Sorry for the blur, awkward angle!
Sorry for the blur, awkward angle!

Day 4 I completed the crown and dipped the ends in boiling water to secure them. Burning the ends ruins my clothes and irritates my skin mercilessly.

Finished results!
Finished results!

Due to the freshness of the braids and the new weight my follicles are carrying, I like to wear my braids in a bun to relieve some of the initial tension. I wear them down for about a day since that is the direction in which they were installed then I gently ease them up into a bun for about a week until I take them down to shampoo them. By then my scalp is not as tender and sensitive to the movement of the braids and I can wear them more freely!


Once I pin my hair up, it last until I take it down with no problems. A young lady asked how I kept my bun in tact and it inspired me to do a video so that will be coming soon!

Thanks for sharing my braid experience!


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