When Someone Tramples Your Hair Garden #2

Greetings my lovelies! Earlier this year my hair went through some trauma due to being handled without care as I described in my first entry of When Someone Tramples Your Hair Garden. It was time to take down those traumatized ends and I was looking forward to it!! Here is a quick reminder below of where I was before the salon visit and what I ended up with once I took down the style.


I grabbed my shears and took matters into my own hands. I took off about 3 inches of damage. I still have about another inch or two to remove in some specific areas before I am completely satisfied with the overall health of my ends. I could have taken it all of the damage off at one time, but for it to be even, it would require me to cut a lot of undamaged hair as well. I have different textures of hair on my head so some parts took more of a beating than others. There was also some damage done near the roots with the thread used to bind my hair but not as severe. I am treating that with protein.

After the initial trim
After the initial trim

The photo above is following the initial trim from the blown out hair at the very top of the article. You can see the new fullness of the ends. It looks a little blocky right now but that is because of  1) how I have it parted and 2) my  shrinkage from different textures.

80% of the time I let my hair air dry in some sort of stretched style such as a braidout, twistout, or banding so it will be even for my daily wear. You can also see the difference in texture much better in post-cut photo. The back has a looser curl pattern and fluffier texture than the top. The top and sides of my hair has a smaller and tighter curl pattern and is more dense. I had to keep this in mind when cutting.

For my professionals, I began the cut in a 180º  because of the damage at the top and then went back and evened everything out with a 90º to make sure I got the rest of the damage on the sides AND to keep the rounded shape that I prefer to wear my afro hair in.

Final Results
Final Results

After the cut, I conditioned my hair with my avocado protein conditioner for about an hour and blew it out after a lot of t-shirt blotting due to time restrictions and the cold weather! I used my Hair Garden Softener, Karen’s Body Beautiful Leave-in, and Shea Radiance Thermal Protection before I blew it out.

I am very happy with the results of my trim and my new bounciness my hair has gotten! I am looking forward to the next trim when I remove my protective style! I currently have my hair in box braids which I will share with in an upcoming post!

Thank s for visiting The Hair Garden!

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