No Such Thing As Natural Hair?

I recently heard a professional in the hair industry talking about hair and he wanted to clarify that “naturals” were using the term incorrectly and went on to inform us on what natural hair actually was. I’m just sharing my opinion on it in this short video! What’s your opinion on the topic? Please subscribe toContinue reading “No Such Thing As Natural Hair?”

When You Get Frustrated With Your Natural Hair

So many are used to having total control over how they want their hair to look. With the simple bend of a curling iron or application of a chemical to the hair, one could re-create their idea of the perfect masterpiece on their heads. With many that have decided to go natural, they discover thatContinue reading “When You Get Frustrated With Your Natural Hair”

Where Them Dollar$ At, Black Hair Industry?! When I was in cosmetology school, I took a class and the presenter told us that Cosmetologists have the 3rd highest earning potential following 1)Doctors and 2)Lawyers. I believe him, I mean why not? Just like the later two professions named, if you save enough lives, you could earn lots of money! Ha Ha!Continue reading “Where Them Dollar$ At, Black Hair Industry?!”