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Welcome to Hair Garden! I am so pleased that you stopped by my site!

Hair has been an interest and hobby of mine for a long as I can remember, especially natural hair. As a little girl, I would go through my mothers photo albums and I was so in love with how her hair looked then. I was obsessed with it. If she looked so beautiful with her hair like that then I wanted my hair to look like that. Although, my hair was relaxed, I would set it on smaller perm rods to give me a tighter curl so my hair would have an afro appearance. I used to get teased by my peers, my friends thought it was cute and I loved it so I did not care! I started braiding my own hair and some of my friends hair by the time I graduated.

The pic of my mom in her teens that inspired me to go natural
The pic of my mom in her teens that inspired me to go natural

Even though hair was something I was good at I truly had a love for writing, literature and the arts. I had several interests, with music and writing being at the top, but many recognized my talent with hair and encouraged me in that area so I really began to develop and interest for it. It even influenced my initial major in college: Business Management. Funny enough, business was not an interest of mine at the time, although unbeknownst to myself I was a budding business woman.Music and writing was my passion so after a few semesters of business, I switched majors to pursue Journalism. All the while, braiding and hairstyling was my hustle on the side. I even did some projects and presentations about hair for some of my courses!


All through high school I wanted to be natural, now in college I had the confidence to go through with it. I tried to “big chop” at home and ended up all types of dents so I headed to the barber shop and asked for the softest fade and taper he could give me! I loved it! While my majors were changing, my love for hair was consistent. I was able to experiment with my natural hair and the hair of others, but still not taking it seriously.

My big chop in 2002 (19)! Short hair was great! Kept it cut for 6 months before I let it start growing out.
My big chop in 2002 (19)! Short hair was great! Kept it cut for 6 months before I let it start growing out.

Fast forward a few years, I have graduated and joined the workforce but still doing hair on the side. Frustrated with trials and errors with over the counter products in my natural hair, I started mixing my own products at home with successful results. My friends noticed a difference in my hair and wanted to try the products as well, I also started introducing them to my clients on the side.

Between my clientele and my small growing demand for products, I started paying more attention to my hobby and hustle. In 2009, I decided to pursue hair full-time and I started Hair Garden, LLC. I went back to school for cosmetology school and took to it naturally thanks to all the hands on experience I had over the years and the research done for my projects on college. I was even asked to do a class on natural hair care for my peers and the barbering department at my technical college. With encouragement from my educators and mentors, I took it a step further to become a cosmetology educator!

Client in front of Hair Garden store front
Client in front of Hair Garden

In 2011, I opened the doors to Hair Garden and it was one of the best experiences of my life! I was in business for 2 years before I closed my doors to pursue cosmetology education full-time! I liked the ability of enjoying both worlds. I got to teach and still do hair and be creative! Right now, I currently teach cosmetology in Atlanta, service clients and run Hair Garden online!

Otoo2013 (2)

Navigate through my different categories and hopefully you will find something that sparks your interest! “Natural Expressions” showcases my fun and creative side. There will be everything from my opinions to art featured in this section. Under “Hair Care” I will cover everything from home-made deep conditioners to hairstyles you can do at home! Hair Garden Blossoms is where I will showcase others on their journey! Under “Classes and Meet-ups” I will post any education or workshops  I have planned. “Naturally beautiful” is going to cover overall natural beauty from healthy eating to natural beauty products.




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