Karen’s Body Beautiful Leave-in Review

karen's body beautifulKaren of KBBI keep my styling routine pretty simple but I do like to try different leave-in conditioners and am pretty loyal to the effective ones. I tried a new one that I am absolutely delighted with: Karen’s Body Beautiful sweet ambrosia leave-in conditioner lavender vanilla scent!

I liked everything about the product so far and it passed my leave-in conditioner tests. I was fortunate enough to meet Karen herself when I purchased I the conditioner as well! She is such a beautiful woman with a warm and inviting spirit and beautiful hair to boot, so I was already pretty much sold on the product! It cost me about $15. It would be totally worth it as long as the product delivers so I was anticipating the personal test!

I couldn’t wait to cleanse my hair and try this out! After a great co-wash and ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse I towel blotted my hair and prepared to twist my hair to let it air dry. I always cut my leave-in conditioner with an oil when applying and coconut oil was my choice this time around. For each twist, I used about a silver dollar-sized amount mixed with a nickel-sized amount of coconut oil per twist. I did about 10 twists with my oil and conditioner combo and my hair felt great so far.

I have to wait until my hair dries completely before I can best determine whether or not it is best for me. Well, this one definitely is! It smells great and my hair was soft and amazing after it dried! The next morning when I took the twists apart, my hair was soft, there was no shedding and my hair looked shiny and healthy. I even got some compliments on my hair. It hasn’t felt this soft since right after my avocado deep conditioner! This product is definitely going to be part of my hair maintenance routine!

This product may work well for your depending on the needs of your hair. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great leave-in conditioner. You can find this product at your nearest Target or visit her online at http://www.karensbodybeautiful.com!

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