Selecting a Leave-in Conditioner

I have my own little tests when deciding on whether or not I want to purchase a leave-in. There is no better test than trial and error but after experimenting for so long I have a good idea of what will work for me and what won’t before I go home with it. Here are a few simple things I do and they may also work for you:

  1. The Ingredient Test. What is it supposed to do? What are the ingredients? What are the first 3 ingredients? Does it have alcohols and preservatives? Are there fillers present?
  2. The Slip Test.  I take a small drop of the product and rub it between my fingers to see how much slip I get. What is the consistency? It is heavy or light? Does it feel good between my fingers? Does it leave a tacky feel or residue after it dries?
  3. The Moisture Test. This works best on clean hands. I apply a small amount of product to the back of my hand. I check to see how it makes the skin on the back of my hand feel. Once the product dries, I inspect the condition of the skin in that area. Can I tell product was even applied to that area? Has the appearance and feel of that area improved?

Do you have any tests you do when deciding on a new leave-in product? I would love for you to share!

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One thought on “Selecting a Leave-in Conditioner

  1. Thank you for this! I normally just purchase whatever looks interesting or what someone previously gave a review on. Then I’ll slather leave-in all over my head and figure out as the week progresses if I like it or not. Unfortunately this means i’m left with so many unused product and empty pockets.


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