Got My Hands on More Red Palm Oil!

Hello, beautiful people! I have finally gotten my hands on more of my beloved red palm oil! I ran out of it a couple of months ago and kept putting off going out to look for it. One of my students told me she was going to the local Farmer’s Market after class so I sent my request (and some cash!). The next day she broughtContinue reading “Got My Hands on More Red Palm Oil!”

Giving Back! Including Oils When Cleansing Your Hair

When it comes to caring for my hair, I believe in paying attention to it and giving it what it needs. Depending on your hair texture, many can agree that their natural hair is at its best right before they cleanse it. The natural oils emitted by the sebaceous glands in your hair follicles haveContinue reading “Giving Back! Including Oils When Cleansing Your Hair”

Red Palm Oil for Dry Hair!

I want to share some information about an oil I have added to my hair, scalp, and skin favorites! I always see palm oil or palm kernal oil in many natural hair ingredients when I read the labels, but never thought much of it. My mom used to have palm oil by the gallon and cook with it allContinue reading “Red Palm Oil for Dry Hair!”