Refreshing Red Haircolor!

Greetings, to to all! Got a haircolor video to share! I’m so forgetful when it comes to taking a photo of the final look! I promise I’m going to do better! I lifted her roots to a level 6/7 and refreshed her red color using two parts #Igora L-89 and one part #Chi 8RR withContinue reading “Refreshing Red Haircolor!”

When You Get Frustrated With Your Natural Hair

So many are used to having total control over how they want their hair to look. With the simple bend of a curling iron or application of a chemical to the hair, one could re-create their idea of the perfect masterpiece on their heads. With many that have decided to go natural, they discover thatContinue reading “When You Get Frustrated With Your Natural Hair”

The Hair Garden Blossoms

Greetings! I am all about spreading positivity and encouraging those along their journey to holistic health. There are so many wonderful things one can accomplish simply with the encouraging words or actions of others. Through my other passions in life I was able to come into contact with so many amazing people who have inspired me more thanContinue reading “The Hair Garden Blossoms”