What the pH?

What is pH? pH stands for potential hydrogen. The pH scale measures the amount of hydrogen present in a substance. How does pH affect me? Your internal pH is the most important of all and affects the functions of your entire body but I will be discussing its effects on hair externally in this particularContinue reading “What the pH?”

Detangling For Healthy Hair!

There are many things that assist in hassle-free detangling. I discuss different conditioning options to aid in manageability of natural hair but the tools you use are important part of the process as well. The only time I run a comb or paddle brush through my hair from scalp to the ends is when itContinue reading “Detangling For Healthy Hair!”

Don’t Leave Your Curls Out in the Cold!

This winter many of you will experience dry hair and scalp due to the cold weather. There will be an increase in wind that can be drying and there is less moisture contained in the air. There are many things you can do to help reduce these unfavorable hair conditions, so here are a fewContinue reading “Don’t Leave Your Curls Out in the Cold!”

Natural Hair Meet-up #2 was a Success!!

At Hair Garden’s 2nd natural hair meet-up on October 28, 2010, all the ladies gathered for an evening of learning and fun! We began with mingling and taking a look at all the wonderful products everyone brought in. Some of the products we were familiar with and some were new to us! We followed with good food andContinue reading “Natural Hair Meet-up #2 was a Success!!”

Hair Garden Whipped Shea Butter

One of my personal favorite products in the Hair Garden line is the Whipped Shea Butter. This particular blend of shea butter and oils get is labeled the “preservation formula” because that is its main function! My belief is that healthy hair comes from the inside. Once the hair grows out of the follicle, it is up to you toContinue reading “Hair Garden Whipped Shea Butter”