“Why Are You Rubbing Fruit On Your Face?”

Greetings, lovelies!! About a month my husband walked into the bathroom and watched me slathering my face down with a piece of lemon for a moment and with a perplexed look on his face asked, “Why are you rubbing fruit all over your face?” Ha ha!!

Well this is how it happened: My mom and I went to visit my Aunt a little while back and we couldn’t help but notice how great her complexion looked. My mom asked her if it was a new foundation and she let us in on her secret: Lemons!!!

She told us that she read that lemon juice was great for evening the complexion. I wasn’t to concerned about my complexion but rather what it could do about the oiliness in my skin and blackheads. I have always had oily skin. It is hereditary! I got home and cut up a lemon into about a dozen little slices. I rub a wedge on my face after cleansing with my sulfur based face soap (more details on that in another post) but before exfoliating.

Here is my process:

I hand-wash my face gently to clear any make-up, oils or anything on my skin so the lemon juice can properly penetrate. After blotting my face lightly with a towel, I follow by rubbing the lemon wedge all over my face starting with my t-zone (nose, around the nose, forehead) and eventually cover my entire face. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and then I rinse off with water and exfoliate my skin with my facial puff and my sulfur soap again. I wouldn’t recommend exceeding 15 minutes with the lemon juice on your face due to its high acidity (low pH). You don’t want to break down skin or completely dry out your natural oils. If your skin is sensitive, I would recommend diluting the lemon juice with aloe vera juice!

The first time I tried this, I exfoliated after the lemon juice with sugar. It was okay but I preferred my facial puff or a face towel.


The first day I did this I could tell a big difference in my pores! They were barely visible and my skin didn’t feel as oily as usual the rest of the night. I kept this up every other night for about 2 weeks and love the results! My skin felt tighter, not as oily, and saw a reduction in blackheads and breakouts! I gave myself a break after 2 weeks because I did not want to overdo it. This is a great remedy for me to use when I am having a skin crisis!

I always did this at night before bed because I knew the sun coming in contact with the acid from the lemon juice on my skin could cause burning!

I do recommend this for people with:

  • oily and/or acne prone skin

I DO NOT recommend this for people:

  • with dry skin
  • with sensitive skin
  • with thin skin
  • who spend a lot of time in the sun

Have you tried lemon on your skin before? Do you think you will try it now? Thanks for stopping by!



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