When The Rod Set Goes Wrong

Hello, lovely people! I had been wearing braids and twists for the past 5 months and was happy to finally come out of the extensions and wear my hair! I wanted to experiment with this twisted rod set I saw someone try on pinterest! Yes, here I go with my pinterest finds again!

Anyway, the set was called a Bantu knot cheat! Some of you may be familiar with it. This is where they wind the hair as if to do a Bantu knot but that wrap it around a perm rod instead to give more elongation to the curl.


I grabbed my Avocado Shea moisturizer, setting lotion and some EcoStyler gel and began twisting and rodding away! I let it air dry overnight which was about 12 hours of drying time before I sat under a medium heat hooded dryer for an hour to ensure it was completely dry.  Also, my hair was 50% dry when I began the rodding process so I could get more fullness.

Simple enough, right?! Twist and roll the hair wait for big bouncy gorgeous results, right?


The hair was a disaster!  I would not even do myself like that and put a photo of this huge fail online. Of all the posts I put out, that would be the one photo that will somehow go viral. Ha Ha! Some parts waved and some parts knotted and some parts were just flat. Never again.

I ended up shampooing that out and opting for something simpler. I had things to do in the morning and needed to be presentable. That hair just was not! I believe my problem was that I twisted the hair to far down. I believe the twisting was only meant to be done closer to the scalp area, not towards the ends. I have not been defeated! I will try this look again!

In the meantime, I opted for a simpler go-to style that has gotten me out of many hair binds! I make a side part and flat twisted the hair in opposite directions. I connected to large 2-strand flat twists on one side and pinned the hanging tail up as well. This is my result!



Side note: When I take selfies, I have to hold the camera above my head for my eyes to look open and normal. I The top pic was taken way above my head. The lower ones were taken slightly above eye level. Do other people with small eyes have this problem in pictures?

Back to hair! Have you tried this Bantu set cheat that I am talking about? What were your results?

Thanks for stopping by!

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