My Creative Blogger Award!!


Greetings, readers! I was honored by being nominated for The Creative Blogger Award by the lovely isleofazure from Thanks so much, sis! I totally wasn’t expecting it and I am flattered beyond words! Make sure you check out her visually pleasing blog. It features many spotlights of beautiful naturals that are making an impact and some DIY hair tutorials. You would enjoy it!

I am not sure about the specifics of the award but it is an honor to be recognized either way! I put a lot into my blog and am not sure if it being seen or if people even like it so things like this are a big encouragement!

These are a set of rules I have to follow in order to qualify.

The Creative Blogger Award Rules:

  1. Post the link of the blog that provided you with the nomination and give thanks!
  2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 10 other blogs and provide their links in your post.
  4. Contact each of the 10 nominees via their blogs, Facebook , or other forms of social media informing them of their nomination.
  5. Provide the rules to your nominees (feel free to copy these rules directly).

Here are 5 fact about me!

  1. I love natural hair.
  2. I love to read and write about  all types of things.
  3. I am a music lover. They call me the Human Jukebox.
  4. My favorite type of movies are horrors and comedies.
  5. I want to have a school/training establishment one day.

I don’t have 10 Creative Blogger Nominees, I’ve even seen some suggest nominating 15-20, but I will suggest the bloggers I do personally follow and like!


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Master Cosmetologist, Master Educator, Product Maker and Natural Hair Specialist sharing natural hair care information and giving support to those on their journey!

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