The Atlanta Natural Hair Show (Spring 2015)

Taliah Waajid!!

Greetings, readers! This past weekend I visited Taliah Waajid’s 18th Annual World Natural Hair  & Beauty Show. I first started attending the show around 2009. I used to attend twice a year every year but my own hair show schedule began to get in the way. I don’t have as many classes to teach now like I used to so now I get to return to this awesome show! I attended the Sunday (4/26/15) show and saw many great things!

To put the icing on the cake, I was able to win a free ticket to the show. I would have paid for my ticket with no problem with her already low ticket prices ($10) and her $5 Fridays!

One of the first booths I encountered was the FCA Naturals booth! I became familiar with them through twitter. I always get excited to see my twitter people in person!

FCA Naturals hair show booth
FCA Naturals hair show booth

FCA Naturals had many great natural products that were very reasonably priced. Their products can be found at You can also follow them on twitter @fcanaturals.

I also follow a beautiful lady on twitter who goes by @ALadyNamedPearl. She is the founder of Pearl School of Modeling and Pearl Magazine. I had the pleasure of seeing her on-stage interviewing the famous Mr. Dwight Eubanks!!

Dwight Eubanks and @ALadyNamedPearl on the Social Circle stage.

I heard some commotion and word had it that Taliah Waajid herself was in the area! My eyes grew large with excitement! I got to take in Mr. Eubanks strutting his stuff one more time before I got to see the lovely Mrs. Waajid myself!

Peep Taliah in the background!

I got to get a few quick shots of Taliah and Dwight before the crowd overtook me! Taliah was is beautiful and has a wonderful energy about her! She exudes such a regal presence and it was great to see her in person!

Dwight and Taliah
Dwight and Taliah

I even got to see The Damn Salon doing their thing as well! I have known of them for a pretty long time and it is always great to see them out doing their thing! They were showcasing their awesome Runway Curls human hair extensions!

The Damn Salon and their runway curls extensions.
The Damn Salon Runway Curls presentation.

I always love to see the shea butter vendors! I tried to catch him in action while he was shaving the butter.

Shea butter man
Shea butter man

Mixed Chicks was also in the house! As you can see, they were very busy!


There were so many other great booths and beautiful sights that I did not get to capture photos of but it was surely a great experience! They were selling everything in there! You could find natural hair and skin products, make-up, soaps, hair accessories, clothes, books, bags, earrings, t-shirts, paintings, music CD’s, instructional DVDs, perfumes, crystals, everything!! If you are into the natural lifestyle you can find something you will like here!

The shows are held bi-annually, falling on a weekend in the months of April and October. You can always visit or to find out more about upcoming events, products and more!

Did you get to visit the natural hair show? Have you attended before? Will this influence you to visit in the future?

Thanks for stopping by!



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