Healing Clay for Beautiful Skin!

Growing up, I would see the women on television with their fancy facial masks on. I had no idea why they wore them, all I know is they were usually associated with some sort of comic relief. You know the cliché: wife wearing one ruining a “romantic night”, nosey old landlady with her rollers and mask, teen girl scaring the family or being teased by her brother when she come out in her mask.

By my pre-teen years, I started experience little break outs, especially on my chin. I was begging my mom to buy me the Clearasil in the jar or the Queen Helene stuff so I could wear a mask and make all my skin troubles disappear! Oh the stress of pre-teen life! Ha ha!

Masks were fun and I used to do them a lot in my high school years, then when I got to college I stopped. Just couldn’t be bothered anymore, I guess. I used to hate the fact that my skin was oily growing up. I always felt so shiny in every picture! However, now I understand my skin much better now. My teenage curse is sort of an adult blessing because that sebum keeps the skin youthful! I have oily combination skin. I have oily and normal spots but mostly oily ones. I don’t have acne but am constantly plagued with blackheads. I’ve tried many remedies but my favorite so far is the Indian Healing Clay mask.

Can be found at your local beauty supply or natural grocery store!
Can be found at your local beauty supply or natural grocery store!

What’s so great about this clay mask? It is a beauty mask that has been used for centuries. The minerals in it contain a negative charge that pull the positively charged impurities from the pores up to the surface. It also exfoliates and minimizes large pores which also helps regulate sebum production and improves the complexion. You can feel it tightening on your face as it dries. It really tickles at the bridge of my nose and sometimes I can’t bear to keep it on any longer!

First, when mixing your mask, DO NOT use any METAL implements!! They are very clear with this in the directions and many people warned me not to do so and now I am warning you!! Don’t do it!! I mix in a reusable 4 oz plastic bowl with a plastic or wooden spatula designated for my mask mixing.

Plastic mixing cup/bowl and wooden spatula
Plastic mixing cup/bowl and wooden spatula

The clay can be mixed with different things depending on your skin type. Things like distilled water, aloe, essential oils and teas can be added and I have recently heard of including honey with a mask which sounds great! Of course, I recommend raw honey. I like to add apple cider vinegar to my personal mask mix. If I have a breakout I may add a drop or two of tea tree oil. I have also be wanting to try mixing activated charcoal in my masks as well! I will most likely order it online since my search in drug stores has been unsuccessful so far.

Doing some Dead Presidents cos-play
Doing some Dead Presidents cos-play

I mix my clay with apple cider vinegar. If I am having breakouts then I add a single drop of tea tree oil. I have to make sure not to use more than that because it will burn my skin and sting my eyes! I have fallen asleep with my mask on before which I do not recommend. My face was so dry and tight!!

When the mask dries, the instructions recommend to rinse it off with warm water. However, I cannot resist the urge to peel parts of it off first. It works to remove blackheads and starter blackheads sometimes when I use it that way! Once all traces of mask has been removed, I will go back with a soft, fine towel and buff my face with a gentle cleanser. I tone with witch hazel cotton ball and follow with a drop of coconut oil (sometimes mixed with a little aloe) on my face.

Which clay masks have you tried and liked? What do you like to mix in with yours?

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2 thoughts on “Healing Clay for Beautiful Skin!

  1. I have not used a mask in a while but the last one was a Lush mask. In high school, I went through a phase where Of making my own masks from things you find in the kitchen. The one I liked was the mask made from oatmeal. Will have to try the clay mask!

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    1. Cool! I did an oatmeal mask in class with my students before! It was great for oily skin! I did a class on all natural facials. I may post that info next. That oatmeal may work well in a clay mask as well! I think I will try that next!!

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