Giving Back! Including Oils When Cleansing Your Hair

When it comes to caring for my hair, I believe in paying attention to it and giving it what it needs.

Depending on your hair texture, many can agree that their natural hair is at its best right before they cleanse it. The natural oils emitted by the sebaceous glands in your hair follicles have difficulty making its way down the entire length of the hair strand due to the twisty, curvy, convoluted nature of some textures . By the time you hair is “just right” from your natural oils, added oils and conditioners, your scalp is on fire and ready for a cleansing.

With all the windings and kinks, it’s no surprise oils have a hard time making their way to the ends! What a journey!



For those of you experiencing this problem, cleansing/shampooing does not have to be so drying and traumatic to the hair. You have to think, “What I am I taking away from my hair that needs to be there?” Your natural oils! I remedy this by stopping the problem where it starts. I include oils in my cleansing process and it has been great for me!

Before I say anything else, please remember, oils lubricate, not moisturize! However, oils are very necessary for to achieve an amazing balance for more beautiful and manageable hair.

Ever since I started adding a little bit of oil to my cleansing routine, I found myself needing less product to keep my ends hydrated during daily wear.

Here’s my process:

I begin with using an oil in my pre-poo treatment or using oil alone as a pre-poo. Coconut oil, red palm oil and olive oil are my favorites so far. When I need extra protection I like to use shea “oil”! I melt my shea butter down to liquid form and mix an equal amount of any of the above oils mentioned.

coconut oil
Coconut oil


Palm Oil
Palm Oil








When I cleanse, whether I am shampooing or co-washing, I add a little a light oil to the cleanser as well. My favorite oils to use are almond oil, grape seed oil and olive oil. I add the oil to a portioned amount of cleanser I will be using. I use about ½ – 1 tsp of oil total. When I use my Hair Garden Cleanser, no addition of oils in necessary because they are already added.

Also, by adding oils to my pre-poo and cleanser, I am reducing the damage to the cuticle of the hair during cleansing!

When I condition my hair, I always use my ph balancing treatment which contains a light oil as well. This is when I do my detangling and sectioning. Sometimes I will go ahead and put my hair in loose twists or braids.

Depending on what my hair is doing and if it is even still necessary, I add a few drops of a light oil only to my ends either before or after I t-shirt/towel blot my hair. When I do this, the only other product I need is a little bit of leave-in conditioner.

This process keeps my shedding and detangling to a minimum, and provides me with a healthy sheen. Hair is always nice and soft once it dries! The amount of oil you will need may vary and you may not need to use it in all the steps that I did. I suggest you start with small amounts of oil at varying points of your cleansing routine to find what is best for you!

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