The Evolution of Your Little One’s Hair

When it comes to kids hair grooming, I believe it takes patience and application of the K.I.S.S. method (Knottiness Involves Simple Styling). Choose low maintenance styles that are not too tight and allow for regular cleansing.

Kids are constantly growing and maturing and their hormones are working to make sure this is happening like it should. Their hormones affect everything from the hair growth rate, to hair density, to the amount of sebum excreted to lubricate the hair! Your hair has growth cycles and your child’s follicles are working to regulate that as well. There is still so much going on below the surface that we are unaware of.

This also explains some of the scalp disorders some children suffer from. Changes in the pH balance can cause certain types of dandruff and flaking of the scalp. I have observed many children with a yeasty appearance to their scalp. Sometimes use harsh detergents that are in shampoos can further irritate these conditions as well as cause tenderness in the scalp making styling painful.

A child’s hair follicle begin to form and develop around month 4 of development in utero and continues doing so for quite a while. Through the years as your child develops, their hair texture will be changing due to changes in structure formation and keratinization. From what I have observed, hair texture and even color can change through life. These changes can be caused by environmental factors like the sun and water, genetics, drugs, illness and puberty.

Because hormones have an effect on our hair growth so you can understand a growing child’s follicles are still maturing and developing up into their pre-teens! Just think about the age you started growing your “adult” hair (down there)! You were not born with it. It is something that you developed later in life!

Also, when selecting products for your child, be sure to check the label for the ingredients. Since our bodies absorb a little bit of everything we place on it. You want to avoid as may impurities as possible!

Just like with anyone I give hair and scalp advice to, I always say to pay attention to your hair and it’s needs, understand why it is doing what it’s doing, and give it what it needs to give you the results you would like. If you use this ideology when caring for your little one’s hair and scalp you should get better results!


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