Coconut Milk and Yogurt Cleanser

Cleansing my hair is something that I look forward to and the best part is when I get to whip up my own cleansers! I used to use coconut milk in my deep conditioners and pre-poo recipes but with its viscosity I figured it would be a great addition to a cleanser! Plus the smell and taste is absolutely delightful so I get a treat while mixing as well! My ingredients are coconut milk, yogurt, aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar, black soap, coconut oil, rosemary oil, cedar wood oil, gelatine, citric acid, and protein powder.

Set-up to mix my coconut milk and yogurt cleanser!
Set-up to mix my coconut milk and yogurt cleanser!

The pH of many of the items listed are slightly acidic so I added the citric acid not only to help preserve the natural ingredients and more importantly to help balance the pH of the cleanser. If it is too acidic, it can result in hardening and dryness in the hair. The pH of tap water is close to neutral so that helps with the rest of the pH balancing.

The gelatine was added as a thickener but that is optional. I feel that the thickeners add a little bit of a buffer for the friction created from massaging my scalp. Also, the proteins added will bind to the gelatin which will help it attach to the hair during manipulation and fill in the needed areas in the cuticle. A little cornstarch is also a good alternative. This will make the product a little easier to handle for some people.

I had trouble (or lack of patience) getting the black soap to melt in the coconut milk so I warmed the milk up on the stove or about 10 minutes on low and the problem was solved! After that, all of the ingredients were blended with a hand mixer on medium for about 10 minutes and then on high for another 10 minutes once the mixture began to thicken. I let it sit for another 10 minutes and blended on low for about one minute.

The blend looked great and I was excited to try it out! I used about ½ a cup for a two cleansings. My hair felt a little stiffer but this was to be expected from the protein. Following the cleansing I used a quarter sized amount of conditioner as opposed to my usual two palms full to ease detangling. After cleansing I braided my hair down with coconut oil and leave-in conditioner to air dry!

The following day hair has not fully dried but feels good. By the late afternoon hair has dried completely but feels a little harder but still well moisturized. My solution is to wet my hair a little bit and detangle with a little bit of a leave-in and oil combination!

You can alter the ingredients to fit your needs! I would love to hear what you tried and if you tried this I would love to hear your results!



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