My Avocado Hair Dip!

There is one deep conditioner that works better than any other for my hair and it is part of my regular deep conditioning regimen. It is my Avocado Healthy Hair Dip! An all natural dip for your hair with many benefits! I try do this conditioner about once a month or between protective styles.


These are the ingredients and their benefits:

  1. Avocado (a little past ripe)- Ranked in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Nutritious Fruit! High in omega fatty acids. Contains over 20 beneficial nutrients including vitamins A, B6 (helps combat alopecia), C, E, and K. Hydrates the hair and skin. Contains almost twice the potassium of a banana.
  2. Yogurt (plain, full-fat if you can)- Excellent detangler! It’s pH is very similar to the natural pH of the hair so it is great for those with high porosity. The combination of fats and acids work to soften the cuticle encouraging slip. The lactic acids act as a natural alpha-hydroxy acid aiding in clarifying hair and scalp of build-up which will enhance shine. Lactic acid works as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which can sometimes work to slow hair growth or cause unhealthy hair growth. Great for helping soothe dandruff and other fungal scalp ailments.
  3. Honey (raw)- It is not as sticky as you think especially once you combine with other ingredients. I like to buy the local honey from the farmer’s market or the stands I see on the roadside (Got to love living in the South!) Great humectant (draws in moisture), softens hair and increases elasticity, enhances shine. Natural anti-bacterial. Holds many healing properties.
  4. Coconut Oil (virgin, unprocessed) Great hair conditioner, strengthens and protects hair from damage, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, absorbs well into scalp and skin. This is a must have for me. I use it in my overall beauty care regimen and even include many forms of coconut in my diet.
  5. Red Palm Oil- Softens hair, adds shine, increases elasticity. Antibacterial properties. I love it because it is a heavy oil rich in nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamin A and carotene that nourish the scalp and help improve the overall appearance of the hair.
  6. Lavender essential oil- It is a natural pain reliever and antiseptic. I add about 10 drops of this to my mix. I change the essential oils I used depending on the effect I am looking for. I used lavender this time because I just came out of a protective style and my scalp was a little sore. Also wanted to clear scalp of any impurities.
  7. Rosemary essential oil- Increases circulation to the scalp. It acts as a stimulant for cell renewal in the follicle. I chose this because it was the full moon and I wanted to take advantage of the increased circulation to my scalp. Since I had just come out of a protective style, I knew there would be an increase in manipulation due to detangling and styling. I wanted to make sure that my follicles where strong and healthy enough.
  8. Henna powder- Use the best quality henna powder you can find. I use it for protein purposes, not to color my hair. The oils in my mixture will stop the henna from coloring my hair by making the pigments that develop unable to attach to my hair.




I part my hair into 4 sections and begin applying the product from the crown and make my way out to the perimeter. This helps me reduce messiness when applying this conditioner because the hair becomes heavier and the weight makes it harder to keep in place. I like to manipulate the product thought my hair and scalp with my hands for circulation and to relax the cuticle. Once my hair and scalp are covered and saturated, I go through with a very wide toothed comb and detangle my hair before putting on a processing cap. I don’t use a hooded dryer with this conditioner, usually just let it set for about an hour (max. 4-6 hours). I recommend using a steamer, or placing a warm towel over the cap followed by a dry towel or another processing cap, if you use additional heat.


Results from 2010 when I started using avocado.
Results from 2010 when I started using avocado. Hair was banded.

I usually shampoo twice and follow with a light conditioner and an apple cider vinegar rinse to seal the deal! This is a good time to dust your ends or trim them as well. My hair looks and feels amazing following this treatment. You can tweak the recipe for your own needs! I would love to hear what you did and how it works for you!

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2 thoughts on “My Avocado Hair Dip!

  1. So I tried the avocado dc Christmas day and loved the results.. I let it sit for about 7 hours and after co-washing my hair afterwards it felt soft and my natural curls really popped. I will definitely use this conditioner again.


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