Hair Garden Meet-Up #3! An Evening of Fun!

On Thursday, December 16, 2010, the Hair Garden Natural Beauties met at Vallarta Mexican Restaurant for the 3rd natural hair and health meet-up! The event took place from 6-8pm. We began the evening by going around the table and introducing ourselves and sharing our natural journey. We had a great turnout this time with 14 ladies attending!

Ladies at the meet-up
Natural Beauties!

 Once everyone started eating, we began the natural hair and body care trivia game and the giveaways. We had questions like, “What is propylene glycol and what personal products are they found in?”, “What are good ways to keep your scalp from being dry and flaky this winter” and “What is the difference between a deep conditioner and a protein conditioner?” With every question answered correctly there were prize options such as, natural hair accessories, bath bombs/fizzies (donated by Mrs. Becky!), samples of shampoo, lavender whipped shea butter and peppermint whipped shea butter.

Ladies during trivia with their prizes!

After we finished the trivia I began the drawing for the big prizes! Shannon was the winner of 8oz raw shea butter, Shon won Hair Garden’s Cleansing Shampoo, Michelle was the winner of the peppermint whipped shea (blossom formula), Nicola won the Lavender whipped shea butter (blossom formula), and Tiffany, Kandis, and Danni were the winners of the avocado deep conditioner.  All of the products besides the bath bombs/fizzies were  handmade by me. I made them fresh right before the meet-up!

Tiffany (left), seated with Cassie, was one of the lucky winners of the avocado deep conditioner!

After the games and giveaways, some of the ladies began to participate in karaoke while others hung out and got better acquainted. Everyone had a great time and left with some great prizes and information! Many of us ended up staying all night until the restaurant closed. We had a very positive, enlightening, and productive time and I can’t wait to do it again!  This was the last meet-up of 2010 and I am eagerly awaiting the meet-ups of 2011!

We stuck around until closing time!

One of the ladies that attended the meet-up came in directly after her visit to the barber shop. She got a funky new cut. She said she wanted to try something different and decided on this style. I loved it and thought it was really cute, so I asked her if I could take a picture to post on my blog!

Low all around with two-strand twists at the top.

Thank for reading! Blessings! 🙂

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Master Cosmetologist, Master Educator, Product Maker and Natural Hair Specialist sharing natural hair care information and giving support to those on their journey!

3 thoughts on “Hair Garden Meet-Up #3! An Evening of Fun!

  1. I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot of good info. Melisa , you really know your stuff:)I couldn’t wait to get home and use the cleansing shampoo I won.


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