Banding is the process of taking natural hair and stretching with the use of ponytail holders. The holders are twisted tightly along the shaft of the hair manipulating the curl pattern to become looser.
Banding natural hair
Banded natural hair #2

 This is ideal for people who want to stretch their curls for a bigger afro, those who want more manageability options or drying method for those that want to follow with a hot comb or flat iron to straighten the hair and want to use the least possible heat as possible. It is less stress on the hair than blow drying.

I recommend the “ouchless” ponytail holders that do not have the metal piece. Those can snag your natural hair and cause breakage.

I usually band my hair right after sealing my ends with something heavy like castor oil or shea butter. I use plain shea butter more frequently though.I also employ the help of a good wide-tooth comb and my Denman brush.

Denman brush

 This is my natural hair completely banded and an after photo of my hair after bands are taken out. This is the initial result of my type 4 hair after banding. Hair has not been combed or picked yet in the photo. I pick the hair for a blown out afro look.

My banded natural hair
Hair after bands are taken out

 Hope you found this helpful!! Thank you for your interest!




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