Castor Oil

Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Considering adding castor oil to your natural product line-up? I advise that you do! If you are experiencing slow growth or thinning, castor just might be the oil for you!

Some of you may be familiar with castor oil as a laxative or other home remedies. I have been using it as part of my hair are regimen for a super long time now, from the Bronner Brothers castor oil I used when I was younger to the Jamaican black castor oil I use now. I had no idea of the many wonderful benefits of it until my adult years. I visit the local natural foods stores and vitamin shops for my castor supply.. I am sure there are several types on castor oil available online as well. I just use the Lavender oil Jamaican black castor oil. It is a heavy oil and has the consistency of syrup. I rarely use it alone because it can be too heavy and weigh down my hair and make hard to manage. When applying to my scalp I use it undiluted but when applying to my actual hair strands, I lighten the mix by adding another lighter oil such as olive, grape seed or almond.

So what exactly makes castor oil so great?

On the outer layer, castor oil is great for natural hair because it coats the cuticle of the hair sealing moisture inside. On the inner layer, it works as a humectant. This means it pulls its moisture from its environment to help it do its job, so I advise that when you apply castor, to do so while the hair is damp, preferably after a cleansing or prior to baggying. I also like to use it when the weather is humid. It works great as detangler and aids in my hair elasticity.  Omega-9 fatty acids are found in castor oil which keeps the scalp lubricated and nourishes the hair.

Because it is so heavy and it works best in moist environments, be very careful with how much you use. If there is no moisture in the hair to begin with then it has an adverse effect on the hair actually making it tougher. Castor plants grow and flourish in tropical areas, so it is my theory that it naturally needs additional H2O from external sources to get the best results from the oil.

I often include a few drops of castor oil whenever I oil my scalp. Castor oil works great to prevent and slow down hair loss from the scalp depending on the source of the problem. The oil contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that protect your scalp from some infections that can cause hair loss. Castor oil also aids in detoxifying the harmful substances invading your scalp. Once the unwanted particles are inactive, the skin cells are more easily stimulated and nourished. This then promotes circulation and blood flow that promotes  hair growth. It is almost like a laxative for the scalp as well!

I have often heard about people using it to grow and thicken their eyebrows and eyelashes!

I love the way castor oil makes my hair feel and it is an oil that I will always be a part of my hair care regimen. Castor oil has plenty of great benefits that I think would be very useful to people seeking natural ways to encourage natural hair growth. Let me know how it works for you!






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6 thoughts on “Castor Oil

    1. I have used castor oil for about 10 months now. I haven’t had any negative effects. The only negative is the hair being oily from overused. I have a client who suffered from alopecia areata she used castor oil consistently for about 4 months and began to regrow her hair in the affected spots so that really convinced me of its benefits.


    1. Hello! It’s more of a preservative and protectant more than a growth stimulant in my opinion, b/c nothing you put on the hair can actually make it grow. However, what you take in internally has an effect on hair growth. Castor oil aids in making the scalp a healthy environment for hair to grow and thrive. I feel that it is helpful b/c it helped one of my alopecia clients a great deal. She is growing hair in spots where she was bald for almost 5 years. She no longer has to rely on wigs. I hope I answered your question. Thanks for reading!


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