The Seed That Grew My Hair Garden

Welcome to Hair Garden! I am so pleased that you stopped by my site. I’ll use my first post to introduce myself and explain to you why I am so passionate about what I do. 

I started Hair Garden, LLC in 2009. I am a natural hair care consultant and natural hair stylist. I love HAIR  in general but have a special relationship with natural hair. It all started in middle school. My friend and I would read though Teen, Seventeen, and YM mags all day during summer break. Many of the AA models had something on their heads that we were so intrigued and curious about- their natural hair! We wondered if our hair would look like that if we stopped relaxing it. We saw pictures of ourselves when we were younger before our 1st relaxers but had no real acquaintance with our GOD given hair. Ever since those days, I have been infatuated with everything about natural hair.

I got most of my earlier experiences with natural hair from male clients before I went natural myself in 2002. This is when the cornrow fad first exploded. All the guys wanted braids and I knew how to braid! Their hair was full, beautiful and grew to amazing lengths. A lot of my friends (myself included) didn’t understand why their hair wouldn’t grow as long as the guy’s hair- The Creamy Crack! Women have been putting this product on their hair for years with the same negative results, but somehow expecting a miracle to happen. Women now know the harmful effects of this product and refuse to stop using it, because they don’t want “nappy” hair.

I did my 1st big chop in Sept 2002. In 2003, I walked into a salon wanting to get my hair cornrowed with extensions. I was greeted by bewildered looks and sympathetic smiles. I was turned away by 3 salons that day. Some asked why I wouldn’t just relax my hair, because it would “look better.” They called other stylists in the lobby to touch and look at my hair as if I were some type of spectacle. None of them had ever dealt with natural hair and weren’t about to start that day. I was confused. I am black. I went to a black salon to get my hair braided, but they can’t do “my” hair? They were calling other salons to see if they could help this poor girl. I ended up find a stylist a week later after calling every salon in the phone book, but she had to press my hair before she could braid it. (sigh) I found 1 natural hair care salon but $100 was way out of my struggling-college-student budget.

From that point on, I dedicated my life to caring for natural hair. I was living in a college town and many of the natural students encountered this same problem. I was baffled that these experienced stylists had no idea how to deal with black hair as it grows out of our scalps. I could now understand how children were having relaxers applied to their hair before they could even walk. This is when being natural became more than just a hair style for me. This is when it became my message, my beauty, my pride, my livelihood.

I have many interests from natural hair care, natural hair politics, and holistic health to human rights, self-improvement, and dating. I am new to the blogging thing so please forgive me if I do not do things the traditional blogger way! I hope you enjoy all I have to offer! Thanks for stopping by!

Published by Aphropuphs

Master Cosmetologist, Master Educator, Product Maker and Natural Hair Specialist sharing natural hair care information and giving support to those on their journey!

3 thoughts on “The Seed That Grew My Hair Garden

  1. This is why I love you. You are my inspiration and my motivation, to continue my dedication to God’s creation of my NATURAL beauty.


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